Below are consultation response documents and other transport documents of interest.

TWSW Stakeholder eConsultation response – Western Gateway Rail Strategy (December 2019)

TWSW response to XC consultation 2018 (29 August 2018)

TWSW Great Western Direct Award and Map consultation   (February 2018)

TWSW SWR Franchise optimisation (February 2018)

TWSW Connecting the Dots (October 2017)

TWSW Response to HA A303 Stonehenge Berwick Down Consultation (2017)

TWSW Response to ORR consultation (January 11 2017)

TWSW Response to the Department for Transport Rail Executive’s Consultation on the new South Western Franchise (2016)

 Local Transport Board Government Guidance

(Each Local Enterprise Board has a Local Transport Board, and this is now in charge of getting cash for major transport schemes. The following lists some of the relevant DfT guidance).

Network Rail Consultation and Department for Transport consultation responses

TravelWatch SouthWest Reports

Earlier TravelWatch SouthWest Consultation and Reports of Interest including some from RPC days

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